Representing the Sellers

Yes, it does matter who you list your home with. There is a difference. You’ll understand the difference after just one meeting with Kevin and David.

Many home sellers in Seattle know how hot this market is and many of them make the mistake of thinking all agents do basically the same thing. Some sellers even think that some start-up online "real estate company" will do the same thing for them that Windermere can. Well that’s just not the case. The online company may have a satellite image of your street, and they may know what the house down the street sold for, but there’s so much more to it than that.

There is a vast difference in agents and what they will do for you

There’s the market intelligence and wisdom that you can only get with dedicated, diligent and experienced full-time agents. As a seller you need agents who have actually seen the houses they are comparing yours to, agents who understand construction and who really get design, finishes and quality workmanship. You need agents who know that the reason why the same sized house in the same area had greatly different selling prices when all was said and done. David and Kevin are those agents.

There is a vast difference in agents and what they will do for you, just as there is a world of difference in having the power of Windermere behind your home sale. Kevin and David will go the extra mile for you. Often meeting with sellers months before a home goes on the market, Kevin and David will coach and guide to help you, the seller, take your house to its maximum selling point. They work with you to position your home for a quick and solid sale. Their network includes everyone from cleaners and handyman to roofers, painters and gardeners, from designers to stagers. If you need it, they either have it or can find it for you.

Their supreme knowledge of the local market, combined with their listing support network, and the excellent relationships they have fostered with top selling agents in the Seattle market ensures success, YOUR success. You won’t regret listing your home with Kevin and David.

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