Our clients are responsible for our success. We'd be nothing without them and we both take great pride in the number of repeat clients we have had over the years, as well as the numerous times they have referred us to their friends, co-workers and relatives.

Whether they are fighting with their lender around a short sale, buying a small fixer, selling a large estate or investing in a 6 unit apartment building, we endeavor to provide all of our clients with the highest level of representation possible

What our Clients say…

Why not take a moment to scroll through their comments and see how they think we did?

  • In my experience with working with many different agents over the years, the effort and services you provide in selling a home far exceed what I am used to seeing. I look forward to working with both of you again.
    Ron Thoreson
    Owner, Ron Thoreson Homes
  • Beyond any expectations I could have imagined. David is a superior agent
    Sandra McCloud
  • David agent gave me an extraordinary amount of time in helping me find the right place for ME to live.
    Juliana Heyne
  • I never met with my agent in person because I've moved to Adelaide, Australia. Given the 16 & 1/2 hour time difference and the difficulty getting in touch with me given my schedule here, I'd say David went above and beyond in selling my townhome. His mastery of the long distance sale was astounding.
    Clay Morse
  • This was our fifth sale and by far the best experience. Soup to nuts …pricing, staging, marketing and closing. Our sale was handled with Fortune 100 precision and professionalism with a Mom & Pop charm. We were totally happy with the whole process.
    Dawn Sauro
  • We moved out of state and David and Kevin looked after our property, keeping things in working order, lights, furnace, etc, until it closed and we had our money. Stellar service.
    Naya Kleven
  • David did a great job getting my house sold in this difficult market. He gave great advice, and was patient with my questions and concerns.
    Jamey Baumgardt
  • Attentive, helpful, insightful.
    Robert Heuer
  • David is a pro, and that's the type of service we received. We felt like we were very well taken care of.
    Brad Wageman
  • Very attentive to what I wanted. They didn't try to push me and stick me in any ol' house. They found me the exact house I was asking for. Once we found the house, Kevin and David helped me get it and explained the steps very well.
    Matt Davis
  • Diligent, knowledgeable and personable. David was willing to expand our search area well outside of his true stomping grounds. We were well taken care of and could not be happier.
    Russ Howell
  • Kevin Gaspari was a fantastic agent. I started my search with a different individual at a different company, but I was not satisfied with her knowledge of the market or overall professionalism. After conducting extensive interviews of several highly recommended agents, I choose Kevin because he appeared to know the market extremely well. I was extremely satisfied with Kevin. Not only did he have extremely strong knowledge of the market, but he also understood what I was looking for and he effectively narrowed my search only to promising properties.
    Sean Waldheim
  • Kevin definitely exceeded expectations. He spent time pinpointing exactly what I wanted most in a new home. He strove to find the perfect place and succeeded. He was knowledgeable about the market and the area in which I was looking to purchase.
    Elaina Haeuber
  • David is a pro, and that's the type of service we received. We felt like we were very well taken care of.
    Brad Wageman
  • David and Kevin were friendly and sensitive in creating an open atmosphere to discuss problems and questions throughout the process of buying our first home. They were flexible in scheduling appointments and other activities that made buying our house possible and supportive and informative during the most difficult parts of the negotiation process.
    Hadar Iron & Mike Jones
  • They were a pleasure to work with.
    Eliza Truitt
  • I appreciate the service which was personal and in my best interest. Thanks so much.
    Licia Duryea
  • We felt they were both superb. Honest ideas of what we needed to do, timely reports, artistic representation, and above all a true and accomplished effort to sell our house.
    Bill & Marsha Davis
  • They made what is often a difficult, tension-ridden process seem EASY. It was a complete pleasure to work with them and I will recommend them to anyone trying to buy and sell a home at the same time.
    Julianna Heyne
  • Excellent, professional and courteous when we felt unsure or overwhelmed! Always available. David and Kevin are gems.
    Lisa Holty and David Hlavsa
  • There was never a time when we felt “handled.” It (buying and selling) was a totally enjoyable experience. The person whose house we bought was so comfortable with our agent that we believe it has affected our transaction positively.
    Rebecca Boon and Jackie George
  • The service was excellent. I am happy with their level of competency, proficiency and professionalism. Everyone I had contact with at Windermere Eastlake was a pleasure and helpful.
    Kat Maruoka
  • Outstanding! Completely professional but tailored specifically for my needs. Thorough, friendly, helpful – the best real estate experience I’ve ever had. I would recommend them to anyone without reservation.
    Michael Stewart
  • Kevin and David were flexible in scheduling appointments and other activities that made buying our house possible and supportive and informative during the most difficult parts of the negotiation process.
    Hadar Iron & Mike Jobes
  • They were very attentive, willing to meet with us around our schedules on weekends and evenings, making our first time home buying experience exciting, memorable and relatively painless. We’d be happy to recommend them to any of our friends looking to buy a house.
    Anupama Taranath & Rajesh Roo
  • Even though I was looking at very modest apartments and houses, I received excellent and attentive service from my agent. Thanks for all your patient help! They really went above and beyond the call of duty for me.
    Eliza Truitt
  • We felt the service really could not have been better. We felt very well taken care of and respected. Thank you for finding us a great home and neighborhood.
    Clay Morse and Jerrod Jones
  • I cannot think of anything that could have done better.
    Wanda Numan
  • Unbeatable! We were treated with kindness and respect and couldn’t have had more able agents.
    Tony and Nancy Nugent
  • They made buying our first home very clear and easy. We would recommend them, and Windermere, to friends.
    Marc and Emily Antezana
  • This is the third time they have been our Realtor and have helped our daughter and her partner twice as well. They are excellent and David even gave us advice when we bought in Palms Springs.
    Mike and Carol Balasa
  • Excellent! The service provided exceeded our highest expectations. They were direct, honest and extremely helpful throughout the buying process. We will highly recommend them.
    Jennifer Dent and Mike Strathmann
  • Start to finish they carefully tracked the processes and paperwork to expedite the sale.
    Dwight Gaut
  • They always worked with us to do things as we wanted which worked out for us in the end. David worked hard for over a year in a very difficult high-end market to get us this sale.
    Walter Novak and Jim Jackson
  • David, Kevin and the whole Windermere Eastlake office made this nerve-wracking process seem fun.
    Jeff Buckelew and Lee Lawing
  • Kevin and David were very responsive and thorough.
    Eric Loew and Mark Alexander
  • Unless you can make miracles happen I can’t see how this could have been a better experience.
    Norbert Sorg and Kevin Gallagher
  • David and Kevin were wonderful to work with.  We were first time buyers and they really put up with a lot from us. They both really helped us out with all the situations that arose.
    Keith Leopard
  • We were very pleased and would recommend them highly.
    Kevin Price & Rachel Wright
  • We were especially pleased with their approach to showing us homes.  They were quiet – allowing us to arrive at our own conclusions about each property. In contrast our previous agent talked non-stop, peppering each walk-through with his own opinions. Many thanks.
    Brenda and Jamie Fackler
  • Kevin and David were on top of everything!
    Ben Mejia

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